USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL Shipping Labels WooCommerce

Print USPS, FedEx, UPS Shipping Labels via WooCommerce

Wanderlust has made a great job merging all the shipping solutions into one.

Now you can generate your Shipping Labels from the Backend, set your Box dimensions, and you are ready to get the rates. After that, choose your service and that’s all!

This plugin allows you to integrate USPS, UPS, DHL, Canada Post, Australia Post and FedEx Shipping into WooCommerce.

For USPS, all accounts receive USPS Commercial Plus Pricing. You will be able to pay for postage with just one click.
For UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc. You will be able to add your carrier account information in minutes via our website. All billing for packages will continue through your carriers with your negotiated rates.

You will be able to print USPS Shipping Labels and postage. FedEx Shipping Labels, UPS Shipping Labels, Canada Post Labels, Australia Post Labels and DHL Shipping labels.

Also provides address verification, rates, purchasing, tracking, insurance, and more!

Wanderlust Shipping Method its a Wordpress Plugin developed by Wanderlust Web Design.

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Installation *

Support *

Get Shipping Rates

Get Real-time Shipping Rates for ANY carriers. This plugin can calculate quotes worldwide as it handles both domestic and international parcels.

Get Shipping Rates & Print Shipping Labels with one Click!

We are happy to announce that our plugin is now supporting ALL EASYPOST CARRIERS

  • USPS Domestic
  • USPS International
  • USPS Returns
  • USPS Cubic
  • USPS Tracking
  • UPS Domestic
  • UPS International
  • UPS Mail Innovations
  • UPS Tracking
  • FedEx Domestic
  • FedEx International
  • FedEx SmartPost
  • FedEx Returns
  • FedEx Tracking
DHL eCommerce
  • DHL eCommerce Domestic
  • DHL eCommerce Flats
  • DHL eCommerce Tracking
DHL Express
  • DHL Express Domestic
  • DHL Express Worldwide
  • DHL Express Tracking
  • LaserShip Same Day
  • LaserShip Next Day
  • LaserShip Tracking
  • OnTrac Ground
  • OnTrac Overnight
  • OnTrac DirectPost
  • OnTrac Tracking
  • GSO Ground
  • GSO Overnight
  • GSO Tracking
Associated Global Systems
  • Associated Global Systems Tracking
  • AmazonMws Rates
  • AmazonMws Labels
  • AmazonMws Tracking
  • APC Rates
  • APC Labels
  • APC Tracking
  • Aramex Rates
  • Aramex Labels
  • Aramex International
  • Aramex Tracking
  • ArrowXL Rates
  • ArrowXL Labels
  • ArrowXL Tracking
  • Asendia Domestic
  • Asendia International
  • Asendia Tracking
Asendia HK
  • Asendia HK Domestic
  • Asendia HK International
  • Asendia HK Tracking
Australia Post
  • Australia Post Domestic
  • Australia Post International
  • Australia Post Tracking
  • Bluedart Tracking
  • Boxberry Domestic
  • Boxberry Tracking
  • Cainiao Tracking
Canada Post
  • Canada Post Domestic
  • Canada Post International
  • Canada Post Returns
  • Canada Post Tracking
  • Canpar Ground
  • Canpar Overnight
  • Canpar Select
  • Canpar USA
  • Canpar International
  • Canpar Tracking
CDL Last Mile Solutions
  • CDL Last Mile Solutions Rates
  • CDL Last Mile Solutions Labels
  • CDL Last Mile Solutions Tracking
China Post
  • China Post Tracking
  • Chronopost Tracking
Colis Privé
  • Colis Privé Domestic
  • Colis Privé International
  • Colis Privé Tracking
  • Colissimo Tracking
  • Correios Tracking
Correos Chile
  • Correos Chile Tracking
Correos Costa Rica
  • Correos Costa Rica Tracking
  • Delhivery Tracking
  • Deliv Domestic
  • Deliv Tracking
Deutsche Post
  • Deutsche Post Tracking
DHL eCommerce Asia
  • DHL eCommerce Asia Rates
  • DHL eCommerce Asia Labels
  • DHL eCommerce Asia Tracking
DHL eCommerce International
  • DHL eCommerce International International
  • DHL eCommerce International Tracking
DHL Freight
  • DHL Freight Tracking
DHL Germany
  • DHL Germany Tracking
  • Dicom Rates
  • Dicom Labels
  • Dicom Tracking
  • Dominos Tracking
  • Doorman Rates
  • Doorman Labels
  • Doorman Tracking
  • DPD Domestic
  • DPD International
  • DPD Tracking
  • DPD UK Domestic
  • DPD UK International
  • DPD UK Tracking
EC Firstclass
  • EC Firstclass Tracking
Ecom Express
  • Ecom Express Tracking
  • EMS Tracking
  • Estes Tracking
  • Fastway Parcel
  • Fastway Satchel
  • Fastway Tracking
FedEx Mailview
  • FedEx Mailview Tracking
FedEx SameDay City
  • FedEx SameDay City Rates
  • FedEx SameDay City Labels
  • FedEx SameDay City Tracking
FedEx UK
  • FedEx UK Tracking
Flyt Express
  • Flyt Express Tracking
  • Freipost Tracking
  • Globegistics Rates
  • Globegistics Labels
  • Globegistics Tracking
  • GLS Tracking
Hong Kong Post
  • Hong Kong Post Domestic
  • Hong Kong Post International
  • Hong Kong Post Tracking
  • IMEX Domestic
  • IMEX International
  • IMEX Tracking
India Post
  • India Post Tracking
International Bridge
  • International Bridge Tracking
Israel Post
  • Israel Post Tracking
Kuroneko Yamato
  • Kuroneko Yamato Tracking
La Poste
  • La Poste Tracking
Latvijas Pasts
  • Latvijas Pasts Tracking
  • Liefery Rates
  • Liefery Labels
  • Liefery Tracking
Loomis Express
  • Loomis Express Tracking
  • LSO Ground
  • LSO Priority
  • LSO SameDay
  • LSO Tracking
Nanjing Woyuan
  • Nanjing Woyuan Tracking
  • Network4 Rates
  • Network4 Labels
  • Network4 Tracking
New Zealand Post
  • New Zealand Post Domestic
  • New Zealand Post International
  • New Zealand Post Tracking
Ninja Van
  • Ninja Van Rates
  • Ninja Van Labels
  • Ninja Van Tracking
  • Norco Ground
  • Norco Overnight
  • Norco Tracking
Nova Poshta
  • Nova Poshta Tracking
OnTrac DirectPost
  • OnTrac DirectPost Domestic
  • OnTrac DirectPost Tracking
Orange DS
  • Orange DS Rates
  • Orange DS Labels
  • Orange DS Tracking
  • Parcel Rates
  • Parcel Labels
  • Parcel Tracking
  • Parcelforce Domestic
  • Parcelforce International
  • Parcelforce Tracking
  • Pilot Tracking
POS Malaysia
  • POS Malaysia Tracking
  • Posten Tracking
  • Postmates Domestic
  • Postmates Tracking
  • PostNL Domestic
  • PostNL International
  • PostNL Tracking
  • PostNord Tracking
  • Purolator Domestic
  • Purolator International
  • Purolator Tracking
Raven Post
  • Raven Post Tracking
R+L Carriers
  • R+L Carriers Tracking
Royal Mail
  • Royal Mail Domestic
  • Royal Mail International
  • Royal Mail 24/48
  • Royal Mail Tracked 24/48
  • Royal Mail Tracking
RR Donnelley
  • RR Donnelley Labels
  • RR Donnelley Tracking
SF Express
  • SF Express Rates
  • SF Express Labels
  • SF Express Tracking
Singapore Post
  • Singapore Post Tracking
SMSA Express
  • SMSA Express Tracking
  • Spee-Dee Ground
  • Spee-Dee Tracking
Taiwan Post
  • Taiwan Post Tracking
  • Toll Tracking
  • TForce Rates
  • TForce Labels
  • TForce Tracking
  • Uber RUSH Domestic
  • Uber RUSH Tracking
  • UDS Rates
  • UDS Labels
  • UDS Tracking
  • Ukrposhta Tracking
UPS i-parcel
  • UPS i-parcel Tracking
USF Holland
  • USF Holland Tracking
Watkins & Shepard
  • Watkins & Shepard Tracking
  • wnDirect Tracking
  • Yanwen Tracking
  • Yodel Domestic
  • Yodel International
  • Yodel Tracking
Yun Express
  • Yun Express Tracking


  • You want to offer free shipping and buy the label on the backend? This plugin will do the work!
  • You need to send a shipping label to your customer, so they can send a product to you? This plugin will do the work!


01/27/2018 Updates

  • Update: Plugin working with latest WooCommerce 3.x Version. 


01/03/2017 Updates

  • Update: Plugin working with latest WooCommerce 2.6.14 Version. 


04/04/2016 Updates

  • Update: Plugin working with latest WooCommerce 2.5.5 Version. 


05/10/2015 Updates

  • Update: Plugin working with latest WooCommerce 2.4.0 Version. 


12/15/2014 Updates

  • Fix: Rate Calculator on Cart/Checkout
  • New Feature: Multi-Package Labels for FedEx, UPS & DHL – More Info


11/09/2014 Updates

  • Auto Insure Shipping (Shipping Insurance by EasyPost).
  • Add insure cost on rates.
  • Add different handling charges for each carrier.
  • Get Package Info on order page
  • Refresh Tracking Info on order page
  • Address Verification (US only)
  • FedEx Delivery Dates – More Info


10/21/2014 Updates

  • Offer shipping rates at the Cart/Checkout. (saves you U$S 60.00 on other plugins)
  • Include Tracking Info on order details. (saves you U$S 40.00 on other plugins)
  • Select Predefined Package Sizes for FedEx, USPS and UPS.
  • Automatically create shipping labels when the payment is made.
  • Request an email with label to be automatically sent.
  • Officially listed on Easypost Integrations Page


This plugin will need an Easypost account in order to work.

5¢ per shipment

When you purchase a postage label, you pay a fee of 5¢ per shipment to EasyPost, and you pay the shipping carrier directly for their services. All other API calls are free.

EasyPost and this Plugin has no setup fees, no monthly fees, no storage fees, and no cancellation fees. There’s also no charge for refunded shipments. You’re only billed when you purchase labels.

Does Wanderlust Shipping Plugin support your negotiated rates?
Yes! this plugin allows you to enter all your carrier account information (into your Easypost Account) and guarantees you the rates you’ve already negotiated.

How does Wanderlust Shipping Plugin compare to others?

  • First, thanks to EasyPost API you will always get the lower prices.
  • This plugin is really simple to install, and haves exceptional support (30 days of free support & free plugin updates).
  • Others companies charge monthly fees, mark up costs with various carriers, and take more time to integrate. All of this adds up and ends up costing you more money, but most importantly it takes your attention away from your business. With this plugin you will be integrated by the end of the day and focusing on your core business and bringing incredible value to your business.

Shipping Rates
Get real time rates so you never lose money on shipping.

Address Verification
Ensure that USPS can find an address before buying a shipping label.

Shipping Labels API
Purchase shipping labels with one API call.

To install the plugin, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Download and install the EasyPost plugin.
  2. Activate the plugin.
  3. Fill your Shipping Information.
  4. Create an EasyPost account (if you don’t already have one).
  5. Enter the dimensions of the products. We use this to determine how to ship the products you’ll be sending customers.

Demo Video

Additional information

Licence type

, ,

Why this plugin?

First what’s Easypost:

EasyPost is a simple shipping API for your app or site. It makes purchasing labels, tracking packages, checking rates, verifying addresses, and all other shipping related functions as easy as possible.

Saying this, you might know the EasyShipper plugin by Sean Voss. The first question we always get is, what’s the difference between this FREE plugin and yours?

Let me explain why we charge $150 a shipping plugin and what’s the difference we have with EasyShipper and the rest of other shipping plugins out there.

Our plugin was made from scratch using the latest Easypost API version. We update the code every month with new updates and custom features. Also we are listed on Easypost integrations official page at Why we say this? Because we want you to understand that we are a serious company we have a phone number where you can reach us at +1 (323) 379-3515 for any questions or skype if you prefer (user conrado.galli) or also via Live Chat and email.

We think that you should buy our plugin because;

This plugin works with your regular products and with product variations, also supports International Shipment’s (ie customs forms management and printing).

Some features that you will only find with this amazing plugin:

  • You will be able to choose if you want to show shipping rates at the cart/checkout or not.
  • Choose if you want to auto generate the shipping label after a customer made an order (will move the order to completed) or wait until the point of order fulfillment.
  • Support for purchasing shipping labels at the point of order fulfillment.
  • Create your custom boxes or use any Predefined Package size from any carrier getting better rates.
  • Ability to auto send the shipping label via email with a custom message if you want.
  • Add Order number on Shipping Label.
  • Add extra % to cart/checkout shipping rates.
  • Filter cart/checkout shipping rates.
  • Add Signature options to Labels.
  • Send to Residential Address.
  • Address Verification (Ensure that USPS can find an address before buying a shipping label).
  • Add Insurance
  • Special rates eligibility (This option allows you to request restrictive rates from USPS. Can set to ‘USPS.MEDIAMAIL’ or ‘USPS.LIBRARYMAIL’).
  • Bill third party account for FedEx & UPS (Setting an account number of the third party account you want to buy postage).
  • Saturday Delivery for FedEx, DHL & UPS.
  • Send tracking info to your customer via email when the order is complete.
  • Show tracking info on customers account.

As you can see this plugin is very flexible, you have lots of features and every month we add more. The other plugins on the market don’t have this flexibility or this great customer support (100% of your clients are happy with the plugin, was the solution they needed). We had created a complete shipping solution that brings incredible value to your business and saves you a lot of time, so for $150 are worth it for all these features.

And remember you can also get a limited version of this plugin for $89 at

So you are not just getting any shipping plugin, you are getting THE MOST COMPLETE SHIPPING SOLUTION OUT THERE.


You can ask for new features or customizations. For example, you have a shoe repair company and you need to send your client’s a shipping label, so they can send the product to you and then send the product back to the client once its fixed, yes thats possible! and we can do that (actually we did that for, just contact us to get support. If you have any other idea or question, please let me know and I will be really happy to help.  I’m an all-around WordPress fanatic who loves solving problems.


Refund Policy

15 Day Money Back Guarantee

We firmly believe in and stand behind our product 100%, but we are understand that it cannot work perfectly for everyone all of the time. If you  have an issue that we are unable to resolve that makes the system unusable, we are more than happy to provide a complete refund within 30 days of your original purchase.

A few conditions:

  1. We cannot provide refunds due to technical issues unless you allow us to adequately try and assist you. If we are unable to resolve the issue for you, we will provide a refund. Please contact us via email or chat before requesting a refund for a technical issue.
  2. Refunds may only be issued within 15 days of the purchase date. After 15 days no refunds can be processed.

33 reviews for Print USPS, FedEx, UPS Shipping Labels via WooCommerce

  1. Colleen

    LOVE this plugin. It’s such a time saver, I no longer have to type my usps labels manually. Great plugin, even better customer service.

  2. John (verified owner)

    Very cool plugin. Had a bit of an issue with my theme and jquery and Conrad emailed me back within 30 seconds, jumped on a chat with me, logged into our site, and then fixed the issue within 5 minutes! Great plugin… even better support!

  3. nancy (verified owner)

    I have the latest WP 4.0 and WooCommerce 2.2.8, I am very happy with the functionality of this plugin. I needed some help for its configuration and Conrad has always been available within seconds. I like to have the ability to chat with someone right away. Don’t hesitate to buy!

  4. Quinn (verified owner)

    It’s a great app that does what it should! It is very straight forward and works well. Conrad, the owner of Wanderlust is amazing and helps out a ton if there are any issues. Excellent customer support! By far the best plugin for Easyship, the best way to mail product.

  5. Mili (verified owner)

    I searched for the EasyPost plugins for a while and happened to find Wanderlust. So glad to get a chance chatting with Conrad. After I explained our needs he assured this is the plugin we need, so I bought it. And it is absolutely the right choice for us! It’s simple and it works great. Conrad also helped us to customize the plugin so it works with our dropshipper accounts. He is always responsive and does nice and quick job. Great plugin and 5 stars customer service!

  6. Cedric Victor

    Conrad was great on a number of levels. As a front end developer and designer, and having worked with coders here in NYC especially, Conrad stands out for great client service and expertise. He brings a calm, knowledgeable perspective and really helped with the making sure that the Easypost plug-in was properly installed, and that it works exactly as it should. He also helped us troubleshoot some issues on our website and upon contacting him when we thought we had a problem, he helped us figure out precisely what we needed to do—and did it immediately. He makes great plugins, offers great client service and gets a full five stars for someone who genuinely cares.

  7. Filippo (verified owner)

    It’s a must have!
    A fantastic plugin for a fantastic service (
    Great support from developer.
    Everybody have to buy it!

  8. Spencer (verified owner)

    This plugin is absolutely fantastic. It works beautifully without hardly any configuration. The only thing better than the plugin itself is the level of support from the developer. A+ all the way around!!

  9. Melanie (verified owner)

    Initially, this plugin took a little time for me to figure out the printing, but Conrad is so attentive. His customer service is BEYOND exceptional. This plugin works great, and is very well thought out. Best of all, this has saved me a TON OF MONEY!! It works flawlessly with Easypost. Pays for itself many times over. Very easy to learn. Thank you for a great plug in!!!

  10. Brian Richards

    After launching our new WooCommerce site, we realized that we didn’t have integrated Fedex/UPS label generation. We were printing via copy/paste to…terribly inefficient and prone to user error.

    Our requirements for label processing are:
    1. generate courier shipping labels within WC Orders Dashboard
    2. auto update of shipping method/trackingcode/date shipped/order status changes to complete/customer is emailed order complete/tracking email.
    3. Have presets for our peculiar boxes
    4. Ability to ship multi-package shipments for a single order (90% of our orders ship Fedex Ground as multi-package shipments)

    We tried ShipStation, but they don’t have allow box presets for multi-label shipments (total deal-breaker).

    After a good amount of research of shipping label generation solutions for WooCommerce, I settled on EasyPost. Their coding approach seemed modern and clean, and they support ups, fedex, usps (w/out or Endicia accounts, for more convenience), and dhl, all of which we use.

    Wanderlust is the “official” WC plugin developer for EasyPost, so we decided to take a chance and bought this all-in-one plugin. He actually added in multiple label shipment functionality into this plugin upon our request! How cool is that that the developer actually listens and responds to user requests for additional functionality?

    Same as Melanie, it took a minute to understand the UI, but it’s intuitive and well-done. Most of my time was spent going through the Fedex label certification process, unrelated to Conrad’s product but nonetheless a necessary step in order to print Fedex labels.

    We had an issue with printing multiple label shipments, and a problem with label output size to our UPS Thermal 2844 printer being wrong.
    Both issues were resolved assiduously and professionally by Conrad.

    Now, it just works, and we are printing labels seamlessly inside of woocommerce, with automatic tracking info update and order completion. The product dimensions and weights in the order are feed into the label generation plugin to don’t enter in any new data, just select preset packaging box(es), choose the shipping service, and print.
    It’s a huge time saver for us!

    Thanks to Conrad for being approachable and responsive; in our experience these qualities are hard to find in a developer. I would recommend this plugin to any business out there with a WooCommerce site wanting to print shipping labels in an integrated, seamless fashion.

    Brian Richards

  11. Andy Martin (verified owner)

    I have been looking for an integrated USPS label plugin since moving to Woo Commerce a few years ago. I kept looking but could never find anything, until this plugin came along. When I installed it I had a few issues at first primarily to do with my printer set-up, but Conrad was there often in minutes and even though I had some specific requirements he made the whole system very easy to use and now it is 100% perfect. I love the fact that it not only prints the labels but also adds the tracking info to the order and causes the confirmation email to be sent. It is a huge time saver. Not to mention that the prices I now pay for shipping (USPS Commercial Plus Pricing) are much cheaper than I was ever able to get before.

    Great job!

  12. Ian (verified owner)

    This is the only WooCommerce plugin that bundles DHL international shipping along with other main USA domestic carriers. The customer service is excellent as it is very responsive and helpful. The plugin’s settings are intuitive and integrate smoothly and effectively with WooCommerce. Great plugin and support.

  13. Tara (verified owner)

    I’ve been looking for a shipping plugin for a long time that would make the whole process of shipping a lot easier. I stumbled across this one but still had a few questions. I received a response right away. After purchasing I had a few more questions with setting it up. Conrad was the BEST! For reals so incredibly helpful. He got it completely set up and running for me and was so patient with me. The service alone makes it totally worth the money. Plus the plugin works awesome.

    What I love about the plugin:
    – I can purchase and print shipping labels straight from the orders themselves. No need to load them into any other software etc.
    – Very easy to use once set up
    – A real person behind the plug in helping you every step of the way and answering all questions
    – Able to decide shipping rates for each individual orders
    – Marks the order as complete when the label is purchased and printed
    – No copying and pasting addresses or wasting time. Just push create label, choose the shipping option, and print.
    – If buyer purchases multiple items, it bases shipping calculations off the total weight so you’re never over paying shipping.

    What I wish could be added:
    – No bulk printing for separate orders yet (he says it should be happening soon though)

    With everything considered I am very happy with this purchase and that it makes my life so much easier. The customer support is really better than I’ve ever seen for something like this. I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to purchase this plugin if you are on the fence.

  14. Jason Abraham

    Great Plugin. Essential for anyone doing daily shipping. The support from the developer is above and beyond. Can’t recommend this product enough.

  15. J.P. (verified owner)

    Great Plugin, works as described. Excellent customer service, we had a little issue and Conrado was able helped us really quick. Thank you guys and keep up the good work!

  16. Hayley Y

    This plugin is exactly what we were looking for. This makes our e-commerce solution so much more convenient. Conrad was extremely helpful as we got it set up and he was very responsive. I greatly appreciate his help and support. THANK YOU!

  17. Larry (verified owner)

    I have never paid $150 for a plugin before. Am happy I did for this plugin!
    This plugin + Easypost really takes the pain out of DHL shipping rates computation setup that used to be so painful for the average e-commerce operator. Not to mention Conrad is very prompt in helping to clear things up on the usage of the plugin. I suspect he don’t sleep!
    5 Stars and Kudos!

  18. Adam

    This plugin is the only solution on the market that fit our needs to a T! It took us a little time to understand all the features and Conrad was very helpful. Once we configured the plugin correctly, it worked flawlessly! THANKS FOR ALL YOUR HELP!

  19. Francis (verified owner)


    These products work just as easy as in the demo, and the support, amazing!

    Wish I could give you more stars…

    Thanks for all the great work Conrad.

  20. Arturo (verified owner)

    All I can say is this is an AMAZING plugin with AMAZING support. I don’t usually leave reviews, but I’m absolutely impressed with the support given by Conrad during the rollout of this plugin. He has been an absolute lifesaver, and this plugin does everything I need: printing labels, checking real-time shipping rates, multiple shipper integration… I LOVE this plugin and company!

    A. Drummond

  21. Donnie (verified owner)

    Hands down the BEST support I’ve ever experienced. Bought this plugin not only for the features, but the great (and recent) reviews. Emailed Conrad at 3am last night with a question and had a response within 15 minutes. Had more questions this afternoon and same response time. Makes me WANT to buy more of his products, and I certainly will. GREAT JOB!!

  22. Kinley

    This was the only way to get international DHL shipping calculations integrated with our WooCommerce webstore and not only am I thrilled that we now have that ability in our store, but that the service that came with this plugin has been so exemplary. Both Wanderlust and EasyPost have been very helpful answering questions and walking us through how to get things set up and going. Thanks so much. I would highly recommend this solution for anyone needing multi-shipper WooCommerce shipping calculations – especially if you need DHL.

  23. ben (verified owner)

    Conrad is awesome!

    Helped out so much.

    Very available for support. No better plugins.

    Purchase from Wanderlust!!!

  24. Donald Love

    This plugin is great, does exactly what is advertised.

    On top of that, Conrad is really top-notch with support. I’ve had several issues – some with Easy Post, some with the plugin, and some due to my own stupidity – and Conrad has always been there to help fix.

  25. Michael Fellmeth (verified owner)

    The plugin makes shipment handling so easy compared to every other plugin out there. It’s amazing. And only a nickle per label with EasyPost? Fantastic! Conrad could not be more helpful. He’s nearly always able to respond within a day and has solved every issue I’ve thrown at him, and he’s passionate about constantly improving the plugin for future releases. Shipping is a complicated matter these days. This plugin in combination with EasyPost and with Conrad for support when needed is by far the best, easiest, user-friendliest, and most reasonably priced solution I’ve found.

  26. Mark (verified owner)

    Plugin works great. I love easypost too, no monthly fees and a nickel per label. Conrad was very patient and helpful assisting me with installation. Would recommend to anyone looking to streamline their shipping operation!

  27. Philip (verified owner)

    Great plugin! Before finding Wonderlust plugins I would have to manually print labels and 20 orders would take roughly 45 mins. Now In about ten mins I have everything wrapped up plus with the shipment tracker I do not need to spend all night manually emailing everyone their tracking numbers. Fanatic plugins, also for anyone wanting even more speed my zebra printer 450 works perfectly for USPS labels. You need to set the margins to zero and remove headers with just two clicks and you have in conjugation with wanderlust some of the best automated ecommerce platforms avl.

  28. Brandon (verified owner)

    I can’t say enough good things about this plugin. What it offers for my website is very unique and Conrad added many more customizations to tailor it exactly to my needs. The support I received from Conrad was top-notch. This plugin provided me with a solution I’ve been searching for a while. He continues to help me even though I know he is a busy guy. Thanks Conrad for the excellent plugin and support.

  29. Dustin Grice

    Thanks again for this plugin, VERY impressive work. I can’t even tell you how much time this has saved for our project. Incredible support as well. We are all supporting future development by purchasing plugins like this… Great work once again, very pleased. Thank you -DG

  30. Aaron

    This plugin was a game changer for us after being frustrated with a fulfillment service. It enabled us to seamlessly bring our shipping in house and avoid any delays or possibility of shipping defective products to customers. It’s super easy to use and the Wanderlust team is always available to answer questions. Don’t know where we’d be without it!

  31. Christi

    This plugin saves a lot of time! No more copying and pasting order info into another system to print labels. The Wanderlust support team is highly responsive, always helpful, and cheerful.

  32. Ron Davis (verified owner)

    The software works great! It took a little bit of time to get everything setup properly but is a huge time saver and provides a great interface for shipping from multiple carriers and Woocommerce. conrads support has been outstanding! Definitely worth the investment!

  33. Damon (verified owner)

    The software is a life saver. Saves so much time and increases productivity. Conrad is amazing at support, prompt and efficient. The plugin is worth every penny.

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