Print Canada Post Shipping Labels via WooCommerce / Easypost API

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You can generate your Shipping Labels from the Backend, set your Box dimensions and you are ready to get the rates. After that, choose your service and thats all!

This plugin allows you to integrate Canada Post into WooCommerce.

You will be able to print Canada Post Shipping Labels.

Also provides address verification, rates, purchasing, tracking, insurance, and more!

Wanderlust Shipping Method its a Wordpress Plugin developed by Wanderlust Web Design.

Requires PHP Version:5.3.24

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Print Shipping Labels ready to use!

  • Print Canada Post Shipping Labels via WooCommerce
  • Canada Post Domestic
  • Canada Post International
  • Canada Post Returns

You want to offer free shipping and buy the label on the backend? This plugin will do the work!
No hidden costs, no monthly payments!

This plugin will need an Easypost account in order to work.

5¢ per shipment

When you purchase a postage label, you pay a fee of 5¢ per shipment to EasyPost, and you pay the shipping carrier directly for their services. All other API calls are free.

About EasyPost API

EasyPost and this Plugin has no setup fees, no monthly fees, no storage fees, and no cancellation fees. There’s also no charge for refunded shipments. You’re only billed when you purchase labels.

How does Wanderlust Shipping Plugin compare to others?
First, with EasyPost API you will always get the lower prices, also this plugin really simple to install, and haves exceptional support. Others charge monthly fees, mark up costs with various carriers, and take more time to integrate. All of this adds up and ends up costing you more money, but most importantly it takes your attention away from your business. With this plugin you will be integrated by the end of the day and focusing on your core business.

Shipping Rates
Get real time rates so you never lose money on shipping.

Shipping Labels API
Purchase shipping labels with one API call.

To install the plugin, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Download and install the EasyPost plugin.
  2. Activate the plugin.
  3. Fill your Shipping Information.
  4. Create an EasyPost account (if you don’t already have one).
  5. Enter the dimensions of the products. We use this to determine how to ship the products you’ll be sending customers.

Regular Parcel
Expedited Parcel
Xpresspost Certified
Library Books
Expedited Parcel USA
Priority Worldwide Envelope USA
Priority Worldwide pak USA
Priority Worldwide Parcel USA
Small Packet USA Air
Tracked Packet – USA
Tracked Packet – USA (LVM)
Xpresspost USA
Xpresspost International
International Parcel Air
International Parcel Surface
Priority Worldwide Envelope Int’l
Priority Worldwide pak Int’l’
Priority Worldwide parcel Int’l
Small Packet International Air
Small Packet International Surface
Tracked Packet – International


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1 review for Print Canada Post Shipping Labels via WooCommerce / Easypost API


    One of my clients sells directly in Canada and needed an additional option for shipping to PO Boxes. Specifically, we needed a seamless integration to query shipping rates from Canada Post. Conrad was extremely helpful and the setup, install and finished function was spot on perfect. Great job, great plugin, I highly recommend this over other, more complicated options.

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