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EasyPost Shipping Method allows you to integrate USPS, UPS, DHL and FedEx Shipping into WooCommerce.

You will be able to print USPS Shipping Labels and postage. FedEx Shipping Labels, UPS Shipping Labels and DHL Shipping labels and also Get Real-time Shipping Rates.

The EasyPost API provides address verification, rates, purchasing, tracking, insurance, batch label generation, and more!

EasyPost Shipping Method its a Wordpress plugin developed by Wanderlust Web Design based on EasyShipper plugin.

Requires PHP Version:5.3.24



What’s Easypost?

EasyPost is a simple shipping API for your app or site. It makes purchasing labels, tracking packages, checking rates, verifying addresses, and all other shipping related functions as easy as possible.

What’s EasyShipper?

EasyShipper is a free WooCommerce plugin made by Sean Voss that allows users to interface with the fantastic EasyPost Shipping API. Sean did a great job leveraging the EasyPost API in WooCommerce but we found many errors, the plugin it’s not working with International Orders or product variations. So we rewrote what Sean had done and created this WooCommerce EasyPost Shipping Method plugin that works with International Orders, Product Variations, Address Verification, will also work with Billing and Shipping address and all the features that EasyPost API provides.

Get your custom version

You can ask for new features or customizations. For example, you have a shoe repair company and you need to send your client’s a shipping label, so they can send the product to you and then send the product back to the client once its fixed, yes thats possible! and we can do that (actually we did that for http://myshoehospital.com), just contact us to get support. If you have any other idea or question, please let me know and I will be really happy to help. I’m an all-around WordPress fanatic who loves solving problems.

Get Shipping Rates

Get Real-time Shipping Rates for ANY carrier. This plugin can calculate quotes worldwide as it handles both domestic and international parcels.

Print Shipping Labels

This plugin works with your regular products and with product variations, also supports International Shipment’s (ie customs forms management and printing). You will be able to offer shipping rates at the cart/checkout and the shipping label will be created at the point of product purchase.

With WooCommerce EasyPost Shipping Method plugin you can:

  • Print USPS Shipping Labels
  • Print UPS Shipping Labels
  • Print FedEx Shipping Labels
  • Print Canada Post Shipping Labels
  • Print DHL Shipping Labels
  • NEW Print LaserShip Shipping Labels
  • NEW Print LSO Shipping Labels
  • NEW Print Purolator Shipping Labels
  • NEW Print Norco Shipping Labels
  • NEW Print GSO Shipping Labels
  • NEW Print OnTrac Shipping Labels

5¢ per shipment

When you purchase a postage label with EasyPost, you pay a fee of 5¢ per shipment to EasyPost, and you pay the shipping carrier directly for their services. All other API calls are free.

EasyPost has no setup fees, no monthly fees, no storage fees, and no cancellation fees. There’s also no charge for refunded shipments. You’re only billed when you purchase labels.

Does EasyPost support your negotiated rates?
Yes! EasyPost allows you to enter all your carrier account information and guarantees you the rates you’ve already negotiated.

How does EasyPost compare to others?
EasyPost will always offer low prices, simple integration, and exceptional support. Others charge monthly fees, mark up costs with various carriers, and take more time to integrate. All of this adds up and ends up costing you more money, but most importantly it takes your attention away from your business. With EasyPost you will be integrated by the end of the day and focusing on your core business.

Shipping Rates
Get real time rates so you never lose money on shipping.

Address Verification
Ensure that USPS can find an address before buying a shipping label.

Shipping Labels API
Purchase shipping labels with one API call.

To install the plugin, simply follow the steps below:

Download and install the EasyPost plugin.
Activate the plugin.
Go to the WooCommerce settings page.
Go to the shipping page.
Select “EasyPost” and check the Enable/Disable checkbox.
Create an EasyPost account (if you don’t already have one).
Enter the settings you would like to use for your shipping.
Enter the dimensions of the products. We use this to determine how to ship the products you’ll be sending customers.

9 reviews for EasyPost Shipping Method


    This is a great product and simple to use. The setup was seamless. I had a couple small issues that were on my end and Wanderlust Support (Conrad) quickly identified the problems and got me working. The plugin does what it’s supposed to. I’m extremely happy. I look forward to finding other opportunities to work with Wanderlust.


    This plugin is already saving us time and money. Our company is so glad this plugin works seamlessly with our system. The support from Wanderlust is also 5 Star.

    If you are looking to automate your order fulfillment, this is the best plugin for label creation.

    Thank You!


    This is the ONLY plug-in on the market that connects EasyPost (I use in conjunction with Stripe) with WordPress WooCommerce and allows for international shipping (among tons of other things, of course). Not only is this a great plug-in, but I ran into a couple questions and had responses right away. Highly recommended! Thanks Conrad!

    Robert Franssen

    Wanderlust’s implementation of the Easypost Shipping plugin for WordPress is fabulous! They take all the difficulties of settings, integration and authorizations out of the setup. And the customer services is EXCELLENT. Highly recommend Wanderlust to get your EasyPost up and running in no time!

    Brad N.

    Awesome WooCommerce extension/plugin! This is more than just a working version of the free EasyShipper by Sean Voss, this developer went a step further and unleashed the power of EasyPost. It wasn’t clear to me at first what the difference was between the free and paid versions…let me try to explain what I found.

    1) Corrected Ship To/Bill To bug…actually ships to ship address as entered by the customer
    2) Ability to enable/disable the auto generation of labels during checkout…great for printing labels if trying to consolidate multiple products in 1 box.
    3) Generate label button on the orders overview and inside the order. When clicking the generate label button, you will be able to choose box size to package multiple products/combine to save shipping. This function also auto calculates the weight from the purchased products within the selected order, and will auto calculate the insurance based on the total amount paid at checkout (product value+shipping+tax=insurance).
    4) Wanderlust EasyPost utilizes the insurance feature and allows for enabling/disabling per your preference. Easyshipper did not calculate so at the time I thought my packages were insured. Glad to know EasyPost USPS Insurance was taken advantage of.
    5) Print label button is added to order overview and inside selected orders. Both buttons launch the generate label window…would prefer to have the overview print button do a quick print instead of popping up the generate label window which requires a few more clicks…would love to see it print instantly or at least show the label for printing (just as if the label itself were clicked on).
    6) Amazing support. No issues with the plugin, just overall questions but responses were fast and clear. It looks like he is dedicated to this plugins development. I’m sure Conrad is already working on that enhance above, or has been requested to build with the function prior to me requesting.
    7) Batch printing is available via email…email label as order is received can be enabled or disabled. Would love to see true batch printing where labels can be printed from order overview screen by marking checkbox and choosing print label option.
    8) I have yet to see a function to print the order details along with a label. I feel that would be another awesome enhancement which could be useful for picking&shipping orders.
    9) Tracking emails is only supported with purchase of another plugin, feature not included at this time. Would be the perfect addition to complete this supper plugin.

    Overall – great features, great support, great plugin!


    Thanks for your review Brad, and yes we are working on new solutions for your ideas =)


    The plugin works great. I had some confusion during the installation and Conrad was quick to respond and clear up my confusion. Thanks!

    Donald Love

    Great plugin, unbelievable support. The plugin does what it’s supposed to do, and EasyPost is a really good service. Conrad has always been super responsive if there’s a problem. We’ve been using the plugin for a couple of years now, and it’s been a fantastic experience.

    Morgan Misek

    Top notch plugin and top notch service from Conrad. EasyPost is a great service to integrate. We even get negotiated rates from our UPS account and international orders. Conrad helped me integrate the plugin, troubleshoot a conflict from another plugin, and was just so fast and easy to work with.

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